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A G-Chat Conversation #12: And Now I Feel Stupid

Me: you watchin exiled!!

SD Sewell: no i was watching michelle obama

A G-Chat Conversation #11

me: yo yo

5:14 PM how BADLY do you want to see sisterhood of the traveling pants 2
The Redheaded Jewess: um
so much more than dark knight

A G-Chat Conversation #10

Son of Sartorialist: OMG this next month of tv is amazing

12:00 PM me: what else is on
12:01 PM Son of Sartorialist: olympics
mad men
me: oh the olympics, yeah i think i’ve heard of that
Son of Sartorialist: its in china
me: where’s that
Son of Sartorialist: your home duh

A G-Chat Conversation #9

5:52 PM me: UM
5:53 PM Kasko: thats just weird
5:55 PM me: LOLOL
Kasko: i knew a couple girls in college you could do that to
one leg at a time though, ‘less you want to hurt yourself
5:56 PM me: that is TERRIBLE
Kasko: what? they were sluuuuuuuts
there was one girl we did always make fun of for her cavernous vagina
5:57 PM (it wasnt you or anyone you knew/cared about)
5:58 PM if that makes you feel better

A G-Chat Conversation #8

Smakapon: dude i love oasis

i wish they would go on tour with guster
that’d be amazing
i saw regina spector [sic] today
you know her?
10:03 PM how was your weekend?
10:04 PM me: it was great
yeah i saw a regina spektor a year and a half ago
she’s great!
10:05 PM Smakapon: yeah, she was doing a concert for the 60th celebration of isreal [sic]
it’s funny because right next to it was the Philippine festival
so it was like you
half jew half Filipino

A G-Chat Conversation #7

The Great American:

me: oh jesus christ

10:47 PM The Great American: i know! And if things get bad, they’ll just eat it!
10:48 PM The Great American: yum!

A G-Chat Conversation #6

9:29 PM
The Great American: XOXO