Places I Could Retire To

Jonestar challenged me recently on a bold statement of mine: “You could never last in Hawaii. You’d get bored after 2 weeks. You’d get lonely!” I countered that teaching has made me something of a misanthropist; I still stand by that statement.

That said, I’ve always had this vision of myself as an old lady, living at the end of the world somewhere. Maybe that place was a remote, tropical island like Tahiti or the Azores or somewhere in the milky turquoise waters of the Indian Sea. Maybe it was the Skeleton Beach of Namibia. Maybe it was the American West or the Australian Outback. Either way, I do not think I will live in a city my whole life; to do so would be incredibly limiting, I think, and certainly not in line with my Romanticist ideals of negative space. Here is a list of places that I’ve visited that seem to strike a nice balance between the two extremes:

  1. Newport, RI
  2. Mackinac Island, MI
  3. Galena, IL
  4. Savannah, GA
  5. Rincon, PR
  6. Marfa, TX (so I haven’t visited here, but I’d like to)
  7. New Hope, PA

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