Labels, Love…and Luddites

So I saw the Sex and the City movie this weekend, and I couldn’t help but wonder: were the writers of this film as technologically retarded as fictional character Carrie Bradshaw is herself? I mean…


  • Jennifer Hudson’s character Louise is supposed to be this computer science major.   Yet she chooses “Love” as a password for a major socialite/author. That is the shittiest, least secure password ever.  In an age where Paris Hilton’s Sidekick can get hacked and this guy’s Facebook can get broken into, you better believe someone like Carrie Bradshaw would have to watch her designer-clad back on teh webz.  At least throw some rando numbers in there.
  • Also, when Carrie asks Jennifer Hudson to get rid of the emails from Big, she puts them in the Trash. Wooooowwwwww.  Have we not heard of spam filters?  I would have signed girlfriend up for a Gmail account tout de suite.
  • Why on earth would Carrie have had to get a brand-new cellular account after tossing her phone in the ocean?  That makes no sense.  Clearly she could have called up Verizon, or whoever, and just bought a new phone on the same account.  And she would not have had to get a new number, because law requires that you can keep your number if need be.  I also find it hard to believe that Carrie still has a blinged-out flip phone.  We all know she is not technologically savvy, but bling on your phone is so 2003.  Is she not afraid that she will attract stares from the fashion crowd underneath the tents at Bryant Park?  Even the GG kids don’t have bling on their phones.  She should have a Prada LG, or a Blackberry at the very least.
  • How would Samantha not know that she got fat?  This is a woman who is supposedly dating/managing the career of a very hot movie star.  She was hounded by paparazzi when she FIRST started dating him; now she lives in LA and he’s an even bigger star.  Are we to believe that TMZ isn’t hounding her everywhere?  And that she’s NOT obsessively checking the rags every day?  Yeahhhh right.

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