Looks Like I’m Pretty White

1. I was an usher at the Roger Ebert Forgotten Film Festival 2 years in a row and interned for the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

2. Voted for him.

3. My favorite movie in high school was Rushmore.

4. I’m half one.

5. I’m in Teach For America.

6. I have it twice a day.

7. Have you met my good friend and roommate Mike Teezy? I would link to his blog here…but it doesn’t exist.

8. I was identified as one.

9. All the way through college, baby.

10. I’ve been to England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, and Ireland.

11. I majored in creative writing.

12. AKA, Making Time.

13. Thanks to an awesome 3rd grade teacher, I could spot the difference between a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright while still in the single digits.

14. What else could you watch at 11pm?

15. Some of my faves in Philadelphia: Honey’s Sit ‘n’ Eat, Cafe Lift, 4th Street Deli…

16. Every time I go home, my parents’ house has a new floor/missing wall/deck/room addition/basement.

17. Once you go Mac, you never go back.

18. Last album heard in my car: Vampire Weekend.

19. Last thing I ordered out.

20. A really good Friday evening at UIUC involved getting nice and woozy at Murphy’s for happy hour right after class, stopping at home for some food, and then heading over to the Armory Free Theater’s black box space to watch my roommates talk about their vaginas or watch naked dudes hump fake horses.

21. Some other favorite restaurants in Philly: Buddakan, Pod, the Continental…

22. My other major is in English Literature.

23. Where else can I stock up on Vanill’Almondo? And have you HAD their queso dip. Don’t get me started on the weekend cheese samples.

24. A great way to make jokes that fly over the heads of teenagers.

25. My DREAM.

26. Hopefully you know me well enough to know that no more needs to be said on this topic.

27. Once a professor called me out on this during a conference in her office.

28. Did I mention I did Teach For America?

29. My daily lunch.

30. What, like your parents aren’t?

31. If you do not like Eternal Sunshine you are a bad, bad person.

32. I alternate between these and tea.

33. MS of Ed, biatches!

34. You just can’t relate to Angela Chase without them. And if you can’t relate to Angela Chase, you can’t picture yourself making out with Jordan Catalano, and that’s no fun.

35. I took it a step further and actually lived with them.

36. And ever since iTunes has refused to reimburse me for the expansive music collection I lost when my laptop crashed 2 months ago, looks like I might just have to go back to this.

37. My running shoes. So comfy.

38. I probably buy like 3-4 a year. But for the love of God, unless you really are pro-Palestine, THROW YOUR DAMN KEFFIYEH AWAY. That is a message to every goddamn hipster in NoLibs and Fishtown.

39. That’s an MS of Ed from UPenn, the party school of the Ivy League. Or is that Cornell? I don’t know, I chose to go to STATE SCHOOL for my undergrad.

How white are you?


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