A G-Chat Conversation #5

9:05 PM Son of Sartorialist: oh wow.
me: OMFG
9:06 PM OH MY GOD!!!
Son of Sartorialist: what the fuck is going on.
the outing the ousting and the confession in one MFing episode
9:37 PM me: i wish gossip girl was showing over the summer
9:40 PM Son of Sartorialist: im serious… gossip girl dress day
9:41 PM me: we can all be different characters
Son of Sartorialist: you can call blair right now
and i get chuck
me: absolutely not
9:43 PM we need to find you a shark sweater
Son of Sartorialist: that isnt 1500 from ralph lauren
or that is but it donated
i think i seriously need a shopping trip to the vineyard to do this right
9:44 PM H&M cant do it
9:45 PM me: maybe you should just ask jenny to whip out her sewing machine
Son of Sartorialist: start sketching potential outfits
9:51 PM we could do it on tfa day and then have a gg party during our totally free afternoon.
maybe drinks at alma de cuba.
or get some lanes at lucky strike.
blair would never go to north bowl.
9:52 PM me: i’ll have a CM blackberry everyone an itinerary
no, that is like way too serena/vanessa
Son of Sartorialist: LOVE IT
vanessa would tell serena to take dan there for a birthday date

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