Things Whose Appeal I Never Understood #1: Fergie, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

It’s not THAT catchy.  Certainly less catchy than “London Bridge” or “Fergilicious” albeit less obnoxious.  Is it because we want Fergie to stop spelling words in her faux-hop songs?  Are we trying to send a message to Fergie Ferg that she should stop making said faux-hop music and instead focus on adult contemporary lite pop?  If so, can we not lower our standards of quality here?  This is kind of like when you have a really obnoxious hellion of a student in class, and you’re trying to get him/her to behave well, so the first time s/he does something remotely thoughtful you give him/her a whopping huge incentive.  Dammit Fergie, just because it’s pop doesn’t mean it has to be bland.


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