A G-Chat Conversation #4

Or, When Anal Retentiveness Attacks!

The Reamster: I am kind of ridiculous

I’m just throwing it out there

Me: kind of?


The Reamster: in case it was ever in doubt

Me: you really know how to start a gchat conversation

1:43 AM The Reamster: well yes

that’s part of me being ridiculous

I made an excel file

with 15 tabs

that is color coded

and shared it with my Recruitment Associate


The Reamster: and was like this is everything we have to do in the next 25 days. Let’s get started

do you want to see it?

I think it might entertain you

you can say no

I wouldn’t want to see someone else’s frightening OCD playing out professionally

Me: that’s like asking me if i want to see a snuff film

like i think i would be horrified

but i would also be morbidly curious

1:46 AM why are they so color coded

what exactly are you color coding

area schools?

The Reamster: let me just send it to you

me: i’m looking at it now

this is CRAZY

is this russian

The Reamster: haha what makes it russian?

me: i don’t know

it’s like in another language

The Reamster: no it isn’t

is it?

me: for me, yes

ive been on duff time all summer

i’m rusty with deciphering acronyms

The Reamster: wait but the words are English right?

oh, you scared me

me: hahaha yes matt

The Reamster: I thought it broke

me: HA no

1:54 AM The Reamster: look what TFA has done to me

I used to drink beer

now I delight in excel


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