So every now and then I just really want to look at pictures of cute little animals. Mostly it’s dogs, sometimes it’s cats, but the other day I had the urge to look at cute pictures of penguins. They’re fat, they waddle, they have funny little flippers, and their babies are fuzzy. CUTE! I was reading about them on Wikipedia and for some reason thought this was another cutifying factoid:

Penguins seem to have no special fear of humans and have approached groups of explorers without hesitation. This is probably on account of there being no land predators in Antarctica or the nearby offshore islands that prey on or attack penguins…Typically, penguins do not approach closer than about 3 meters (9 feet); they become nervous at about that distance.

And then here was the accompanying photo and caption:

A penguin encounters a human during Antarctic summer.

I don’t know who you are or what you do, but that is goddamn CUTE!

P.S. Did you know that Emperor Penguins are actually pretty ginormous in real life? Yep, those little monsters are about 4 feet tall, which officially makes them only about a foot shorter than yours truly. That ish is insane. Prehistoric penguins were even bigger at 5 feet:

Look how friendly they made the big one look! You can almost imagine him asking George about when they’re gonna get to pet the rabbits.


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