A G-Chat Conversation #1

Cheech: Is it seriously only wednesday Me: yes

but it’s 3pm on a wednesday

Cheech: i’m petitioning for it to be thursday


Me: you’re going to hate me

2:59 PM but i woke up at 1

but i had good reason

Cheech: lame.

go on

Me: i stayed up late to finish harry potter 7

Cheech: ha

3:01 PM Me: i teared up

Cheech: nice?

3:02 PM Me: it’s good

Cheech: have you seen transformers by the way?

Me: no i have not

and i will not

Cheech: oh man

Me: out of principal

Cheech: anna, it was a great movie

3:03 PM Me: i’ve heard

but what i’m saying is

why has no one made a my little ponies movie

Cheech: oh god

Me: i’ll tell you why not

blatant sexism in hollywood

Cheech: because it would be terrible

Me: i would watch that shit for sure

Cheech: no action



Me: touche.

3:04 PM Cheech: well i guess we’re even then. I don’t read harry potter, you don’t see transformers.

i accept that.

Me: each of us is missing out on a major entertainment event of summer 07

i see your point

Cheech: exactly.

missing out, and not caring.


3:11 PMCheech: In the past week i have bought flaming lips tickets as well as wilco at millenium park.

Me: damn you

Cheech: yeah, i’m excited.

Me: i noticed that philly is OFTEN excluded from some of these things

Cheech: it’s a lesser city

Me: thats why people are so mean

Cheech: yeah but they get to park wherever they want


3:29 PM Me: i can’t wait for [name redacted]’s wedding

that’s gonna be some nonsense

Cheech: agreed

3:30 PM did i tell you our self imposed theme?

Me: no?

Cheech: “bringing dates that [name redacted] has previously hooked up with”


Cheech: ugh

new jersey, the armpit of the nation.

4:08 PM i think NJ is the east coast’s Indiana

is that right?

Me: oh absolutely

i think i’ve said that exact same thing before when trying to explain indiana to other people

Cheech: very nice.

much more accessible to people.

4:09 PM i wonder what state it is in the south, or the west

i bet alabama and utah

Me: but i have found that jerseyans are a much more malevolent race

bc indiana folk tend to stay in indiana for the most part

Cheech: yeah

Me: but jersey people feel like it’s their right to invade other states

Cheech: well indianans can’t read well, so that may relate to their mobility


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