A Truth Universally Acknowledged

Jonestar and I sat on her roofdeck discussing the 2005 Pride and Prejudice and decided that it fully encapsulates the full spectrum of men in the world that a woman encounters in her life, in which there exist exactly four categories.

  • You have your Mr. Bingleys, who are attractive and perfectly nice but are just not for you, but you’d be perfectly ecstatic to have your friend end up with one.
  • You have your Mr. Collinses, those men who approach you, but whose sheer undesirability makes you seriously question your own desirability to the opposite sex.
  • There are the Mr. Wickhams, morally flexible little heartbreakers whose utter wrongness you never realize until it’s too late.
  • And then you have, of course, your Mr. Darcys.  You have to go through a lot of Mr. Wickhams and Mr. Collinses before you recognize the value of a Darcy.

Which category do you fall in?


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